We provide professional-grade, highly secure, always-on, extremely fast WiFi for large residential clients in and around Dallas / Fort Worth.  Are you tired of do-it-yourself solutions, dead zones, and spotty coverage in your home?  We can help!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not an "Internet provider", but our networks (just like any other home network) connect to your existing provider, ​including, AT&T, Frontier, Charter, Spectrum, and Time Warner.​


1. Free Network Assessment

3. "must" = monthly remote service

We know that networking issues in the home can cause stress, reduce work-at-home productivity, and create massive homework challenges for your children.

Step one is to identify what's causing your network problems. When you schedule an appointment with us, we come to your home or office and identify your hot spots and dead zones and devices that might be the root of your network problems. We then provide a cost and time estimate that outlines the equipment and labor needed to solve your network problems and improve your life. 

As much as you rely it, isn't it time to invest in a world-class WiFi network?

2. Install A NEW WiFi network​

Our network technicians (the "WiFi guys") have been installing, troubleshooting, and servicing WiFi networks in some of the largest residencies in the metroplex for over 10+ years.   And while we are happy to provide a quick fix if that's what is called for, we have found that in most cases its cheaper and better in the long run to install a completely new WiFi network, using the best and most advanced hardware on the market today--instead of wasting time repairing the old one.

Our initial site visit is free, and we provide clear and "Plain English" estimates, and seek to under-promise and over-deliver on all our projects.  (Client reference list provided upon request). 

Once installation has been completed, we suggest that all clients join our remote service program which includes Maintenance, Upgrades, Support, and Troubleshooting (aka "MUST").  Think of us as your WiFi concierge, always available to call when there's an issue at home that's causing frustration. It includes both reactive hours (you call us if you need us) and proactive hours (tasks we perform on a monthly or quarterly basis without you having to ask). Here's what's included in the base package, and our two popular add-ons:

"I would absolutely recommend these guys any day of the week!  Fast, fair, honest, intelligent and friendly."​


"Bandera was very quick and responsive. They definitely know their stuff when it comes to networking. Extremely helpful and didn't try to up-sell us things we didn't need."

TODD, Southlake, TX

"Bandera is our go-to company for all network and WiFi needs on our projects."​

Quince, Fort Worth, TX

"I don't know what we would do without the support we get from Bandera."

Michelle, dallas, TX

Client references available upon request.

Not sure which plan is right for you?  Call us at 855-WIFI-LUV and we'll help you pick.

(billed monthly)

The family safety plan includes everything in the basic plan plus state of the art parental controls designed for families who need content and access control. This plan includes:

  • Create and enforce content restrictions, time restrictions, app restrictions, and device restrictions.
  • Custom monitoring and reporting options, tailored for your family


(billed monthly)

This is our premium plan and includes everything in the basic plan, all family safety options, plus advanced security setup and monitoring, including:

  • Custom firewall setup for higher security and hacker prevention
  • Network security appliance
  • Advanced response
  • Firewall monitoring 
  • Custom notifications
  • Firmware updates monthly
  • Proactive security assessments​



Our basic subscription plan provides you you the peace of mind of knowing that someone is watching your network and ensuring things are working properly. The plan includes:

  • Up to 3 hours a year on-site service

  • Full internet monitoring

  • Remote rebooting

  • Quarterly firmware and security updates for all network equipment

  • Advanced mobile app provides you greater network controls​​

(billed monthly)